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STUDIO A…The Epicenter

You’ll love spending time in our spacious 400 square foot control room. Whether it’s lounging on the couch listening or sitting in the command chair mixing, Studio A is extremely comfortable and easy to use.

At the center of everything is our unique hybrid board configuration: a custom Neve console and a 24-fader Digidesign D-Command. The best of both digital and analog recording at your fingertips.

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Want to work entirely Analog? No problem. Studio A is equipped with a 24-track Otari 2″ tape machine as well as the option to mix down to either 1/2″ or 1/4″.

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Huge drums, luscious strings, live vocals — it all starts with a great acoustic space. Our 450+ square foot Live Room features 15 foot ceilings, carpeted and reflective floors. Additionally, Faultline has multiple gobos (moveable acoustic walls) which allow musicians to play together without compromising the recording process.

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The Guitar Room is currently unavailable while we continue our work on our Neve Console. It should be open again in the near future!

Studio C

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Combining a cozy 200 sq/ft control room and 90 sq/ft booth Studio C is a versatile room for overdubs, editing, VO or production.
Equipped with a tape deck, console and Pro Tools as well as housing Faultline’s collection of synths and midi toys. Studio C is the perfect place to get lost in the minutiae of your masterpiece.

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