Last year saw our expansion into Studio C, a closer partnership with our friends at the Vision Academy and so much wonderful music. The Neve console is coming along nicely, we hope to have it reinstalled and the Guitar Room reopened by April. In the meantime Studio A is still discounted and Studio C continues to churn out the short hourly sessions for artists and voice over clients.

Highlights from 2013:

Here are a few of our favorite memories from 2013!

Elizabeth Setzer and La Tania’s flamenco arrangement of
Radiohead’s How to Disappear Completely”

Check out the studio album produced here at Faultline.

Upstairs/Downstairs released their second to pass through our walls and made a lovely video:

Secret Cheifs 3 stopped in to mix part of their new record ‘Book of Souls’ Folio A.

17 year old Robbie Leone was one of the first full length releases to come out of Studio C.

Keep an ear out for releases early in 2014 from Fanfare Zambaleta, Con Brio, Zeike McCarter and so many more!

This summer Faultline Studios is teaming up with our good friends over at the Vision Academy to support their awesome summer program.

We’re focusing on a single kid, Isaiah who’s been in and out of their program due to lack of funds.  Isaiah and Kian

To help keep him in summer camp we’re offering 4 days of studio time with a house engineer for $250/day to help cover the difference between what Isaiah’s family can afford and the full cost of the program for the summer.

These days are useable any time this year but must be paid in full by July 31st.  Credit card or Paypal transactions will be charged a surcharge to ensure we receive the full amount to donate to the Vision Academy for Isaiah’s tuition.

To book one of these days call us at 415.562.7625 or email and tell us you want to “Support Isaiah.”  Sorry, since we’re donating all this money we can’t change the rate on a session already booked, but we’d be happy to add a day onto your existing session!

You can follow what Isaiah and all the kids of The Vision Academy are up to over at their picture blog or on Twitter.

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If you’ve been around Faultline for any length of time over the past few years you’ve most certainly run into Mr. Kyle McGraw. His easy going demeanor and quick laugh have been warming the studio ever since his band Upstairs/Downstairs came into record their first album with us 4 years ago.   Afterwards, he asked if he could stick around as an intern and quickly began assisting, then engineering sessions of his own.

Over the past year he’s been busy on both sides of the glass: playing guitar in 2 bands (both with albums on the way) and as an engineer, working on several hot releases from the past few months:

Battlehooch celebrated the vinyl release of their full length album ‘Hot Lungs‘ last week with an awesome show at Slim’s.  Hot Lungs contains all of their Singles from the 2012 video series plus some new tracks.



The Sam Chase, named best Bay Area Band by the SF Weekly in May, released their 2nd album ‘The Sam Chase Will Never Die‘ at a sold out show over at the Independent last month.

Be sure to look out for the second Upstairs/Downstairs album as well as an EP from Kyle’s other band Future Space and Time when they are released later this summer.

Spring is here and we here at Faultline are excited to announce that we’re growing!  This month we opened Studio C to the public.   Located right inside the front of the building, C features a 200 sq/ft control room and a 90 sq/ft booth with enough channels to record a whole band in there…

Studio C gives us the ability to offer hourly bookings and a way to save our clients’ money on things that don’t require the full on awesomeness of Studio A like over dubs, editing, or tape transfers.

Yes,  you heard that right, Studio C has a matching Otari MTR90 2″ 24 track tape machine so you can pull your tapes right from A and keep working.   There’s also a Soundcraft Ghost for the ability to work entirely analog or to do out of the box summing for digital projects.   Of course we also have a Pro Tools rig and a few channels from our beloved Neve so things won’t be too unfamiliar. [Full gear list]

Studio C is available for booking now.  Normal rates are $50/hour or $350/day with a House Engineer ($25/hour, $200/day without).

To celebrate the grand opening we’re offering Studio C at $100/day for the first 100 bookings [full day without engineer or half day with].


‘White People and the Damage Done’ the newest full length album from Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine was released this week.  Biafra and crew spent weeks with us here at Faultline Studios last year recording, editing and mixing the album with Engineer Matt Kelley.

Our favorite Biafra-ism of the whole session?

“Life’s too short for boring socks.”


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Here it is the end of January and we’re just getting around to our first update of the year.   2013 is already shaping up to be a big one for Faultine Alumni and while we’re excited to keep you updated on all of their upcoming releases,  first we’ve got some news of our own:

As of March 1st, the day rate in Studio A will be $300 a day.  We know, we know, musician’s aren’t made of money, but it’s not just our sandwiches and coffee that have gotten more expensive, we’ve signed a new lease and our rent went up as well. 

To help ease the transition, we’ll be offering several ways to earn discounts on bookings. Be sure to sign up for our brand new email list below to find out the details!   Additionally, we’ll honor the old rate of $250 on any days booked in 2013 that we receive a deposit for before March 1st.

The good news is we’re still here and still one of the most affordable places to record in the Bay Area. So here’s to more music in 2013 and beyond!

New mailing list sign up:

Please select all that apply:

Lizzie Karr is a singer, prolific songwriter, guitarist and pianist whose voice has been described as having “an unteachable and untenable grit” that “sits comfortably in many permutations of genre”.   Her haunted lyrics ride over a band that alternately rocks and grooves sweetly.

Her debut album “Bones” is being released this week with a CD release party Thursday evening at the Boom Boom Room.   Stop by to catch her live or check out her bandcamp page to listen to the album!


Faultline Studios is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with the  Audio Alchemist and Bay Area Music Collective to present a series of integrated demos featuring BLUE Microphones, Manley Labs, Dangerous Music and Guzauski Swist to be held in conjunction with the 133rd Annual AES conference happening right down the road Oct. 27th through 29th.


Stop by the studio from 10am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday or Monday to check out the demo and our new booth for Studio D!   There will be a shuttle from Moscone Convention Center to Faultline running during the demo hours.

Afterwards be sure to check out one of our favorite local eateries: the newly opened 1058 Hoagie or the venerable Deli Board on your way back to the show floor.

For attendees in town early and local friends we’ll be having a low key happy hour Friday October 26th from 7pm to 10pm to celebrate the start of AES and toast another year of making sweet sweet music together.

Joni Mitchell’s Blue

UnderCover Presents is a grassroots project that selects an influential album to be completely reinterpreted and re-recorded by local Bay Area musicians. Each song on the album is arranged by a different band who are encouraged to truly make each song their own. The mission of UnderCover is to expose music fans everywhere to the diverse pool of talent that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. This quarter, UnderCover, bring you Joni Mitchell’s Blue, curated by guest Music Director, Dina Maccabee.

 A San Francisco-based violinist, singer, and composer, Dina Maccabee has composed and performed scores for Bay Area theater companies including Just Theater and Shotgun Players. Her projects Dina Maccabee Band, Ramona and Jessica and Real Vocal String Quartet, have released several recordings of original music over the last eight years.


“… songs are like tattoos… ink on a pin underneath the skin, an empty space to fill in…”


Written and composed after a difficult breakup with longtime boyfriend, Graham Nash, Joni describes Blue as “a cellophane wrapper on a pack of cigarettes. I felt like I had absolutely no secrets from the world and I couldn’t pretend in my life to be strong”.

Blue was chosen for its profound reflections on the human soul and its explorations of the universal themes of love, loss, and life. The lyrics dance through the various facets of relationships from infatuation on “ A Case of You” to insecurity  on “This Flight Tonight” to love on “My Old Man” and even the pain from letting go of a child on “Little Green”. Blue  takes you skating on icy rivers, traveling through California beaches, Canadian countryside, and even to the Mermaid Cafe at a cave-dwelling hippie commune in Malta.

Dina’s musical selection presents these universal themes in a wide range of styles from Indian Classical to Hip Hop to Delta Blues and Bossa Nova. Presented in full for two nights at the Brava Theater in San Francisco, UnderCover Presents: Blue promises to be a musical journey as wide reaching as the the album itself.

A download of the studio album is included with each show ticket, it will also be available as a limited edition CD run at the show and online starting October 1st.

Saturday Sept. 29, 2012, Doors: 7:30 pm  &  Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, Doors: 6:00 pm


“…here is a shell for you, inside you’ll hear a sigh, a foggy lullaby, there is your song from me…”



Battlehooch describe their music as “shape-shifting orchestral rock,” we like to call them genre bending over-achievers. From song to song the only thing that remains constant is their high energy and boundless creativity.

They are currently in the middle of an ambitious project: the Single Series 2012.  Every six weeks they will be releasing two new songs (single + b-side) and an accompanying video. Watch the video for the newest single ‘Organic’ below or download it along with groovy b-side ‘Thin Patience’ both mixed here at Faultline by Kyle McGraw and Lucas Boilon.

Additionally, Battlehooch are featured in a GoPro ad which is currently airing during Giants games and are playing an upcoming show with goat god rockers Tornado Rider Friday June 8th at the Great American Music Hall. Truly a show that promises to be epic and full of epic sauce.