1) What are your rates?

Studio A is $450/day with a House Engineer.

Studio C is $50/hour with a House Engineer.

2) What does this include?

Studio A includes use of the live room and dead room (guitar room is currently not available during our Neve rebuild) as well as use of all Studio A gear.

Studio C includes a control room, isolation booth and use of all Studio C gear.

If you would like to use any of our floating gear in either Studio please tell us when you send in your deposit to be sure it’s available for your session.

3) What’s that you say about a deposit?

We need to receive a deposit for your reservation to be considered confirmed ($150/day $700/week booked in A, $50 per session in C). If we’ve told you that you have a booking “on hold” that means we’ll reserve it for a few days while you sort out your schedule.  If someone else wants it we’ll give you a 24 hour notice to get us your deposit or lose the hold.  Deposits are fully refundable more than 15 days from the start of your session.

The balance for the entire session are due at the start of the session.  Let us know ahead of time if we’re going to need to invoice you and wait for payment as we won’t let you leave with your files without a prior agreement in place.

4) Who will engineer?

Faultline Studios has an awesome roster of house engineers.  If you don’t already have an engineer you want to work with then we’ll pair you up with the person we think is the best fit for your project.

5) Can I bring my own engineer?

Faultline Studios welcomes outside engineers. 
Our rates are $300/day in Studio A and $25/hour in C.

If it’s your first time working in Studio C we’ll charge you an additional $50 to have a house engineer get you set up and running and show you how to put stuff away when you’re done. The Studio A rate includes an assistant engineer to answer questions for you main engineer.

6) What if I don’t need the whole day in Studio A?

There are occasions where we are able to offer Studio A at a half day rate ($300 w/ Engineer, $200 w/o) so feel free to contact us and ask but there’s no guarantee that the day you want will work for us.

6a) But I really only need an hour!
Well you’re in luck, we always book Studio C by the hour!

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1139 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 562-ROCK (7625)

Faultline Studios is located 2 blocks from the Civic Center BART/MUNI station.
There is generally plenty of street parking (metered during the day Monday to Saturday until 6pm).

Lot parking is available nearby, on Langton St. for $10/day.

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