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The Congress, spearheaded by trumpeter and band leader Marcus Cohen, have been hard at work this past year rounding up the votes to pass their newest bill of jams.

After pulling together a quorum of strings, horns, tight rhythm section and rotating cast of vocalists at Faultline last summer, the mandate gained momentum with the support of Bay Area legend Matt Kelley who helped their first act of 2012 pass with a unanimous vote of smooth grooving.

The soul and R&B inspired cuts are making their way through committee right now, so listen up, because The Congress is in session.

Marcus Cohen – is the brainchild, composer, and arranger behind The Congress. Growing up mostly in St Louis Mo and Philadelphia where he was surrounded mostly by, soul, jazz, hip-hop and gospel music, he received his 1st piano lesson at age 7; from an uncle who was the organist at the church he attended. He then went on to pick up the drums as well as the trumpet. At age 11, Marcus attended a magnet school in Philadelphia called Girard Academic Music Program (G.A.M.P) where he won several awards for his notable talent. It was there where he began his technical music studies as well as continued trumpet studies. Surprisingly, Marcus took a hiatus on trumpet for 10 years. During those 10 years he began to explore the world of music production. Moving to the Bay area in 2004, he met Jazz bassist and composer Marcus Shelby. It was Marcus Shelby who introduced him to the thriving music scene here in the Bay Area, as well introducing him to Rupa Marya from Rupa and the April Fishes. He played and toured the world with the April Fishes for approximately 4 years until he knew that it was time to focus on his own vision. The Congress

The Congress was formed in the summer of 2009 when Marcus first met guitarist Vic Wong, drummer Jayme Arredondo, and bassist Mark Allen Piccolo. They then began to lay the foundation for The Congress- a mesmerizing ensemble of musicians, vocalists, a spoken word artist, and an emcee. The idea was inspired from Marcus’ love for “soul, jazz, funk, hip hop, and gospel.”

The group came into Faultline to lay down a new tune as well as some other funky tidbits for your earhole. Be sure to keep your ears open for shows and releases on their website!

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